The Girl

Yoko is the strong and beautiful sharpshooter from Littner Village. She is never far from her rifle, and is one of the best snipers in the world. And despite her sexy appearance, she fights alongside the boys and can definitely hold her own against any opponent. She is always focused on her missions, and is the level-headed voice in the team.

Not wanting to be left out of this exciting adventure, she makes the decision to leave her village and join Kamina and Simon after they come up to the surface world. Because her village was uprooted by the ganmen, she has quite a fair bit of knowledge about the enemy and about the surface world, which proves to be very helpful to the boys.

Her dream is to teach the first generations of children born in the surface world, and eventually achieves this dream in a small town school after Team Dai Gurren reclaims the earth for the people. She takes on a more mature appearance, as well as the name Yomako-sensei, to disguise her true identity as one of the revolutionary fighters that the kids are reading about in their textbook.