Libera Me, the Kamina & Yoko fanlisting, was created on December 30, 2008. The title means Free Me, and it was inspired from a song off the series OST, Libera Me From Hell. It is a haunting and empowering song, and I think the lyrics fit their situation quite well ♪ They felt completely oppressed and powerless living underground, and wished to be able to live freely under the blue sky.

Version 1 Break Through The Dream!! is named after Kamina's image song, and the key points are bold and cool. It features one of my favorite images: this epic shot of our hero and heroine, who are always looking forward and ready to kick some ass - and this particular image captures them at their finest ♪ As for the background, the starry night was inspired from the title of the final episode, (The Lights in the Sky are Stars), and the infinite stars symbolizes freedom and endless opportunities, as well as their ultimate desire to break through to the heavens ★


 Kamina Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


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