The Series

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann () is an action-packed anime series created by Gainax. It debuted in April 2007 and ran for a total of 27 episodes. It has since spawned other media adaptations such as light novels, manga, and animated movies.

The story takes place in a world where humans are forced to live in underground villages in oppressed conditions.

The main character is a shy young boy named Simon, a lonely orphan from Jeeha village. He is not particularly special in any way, except that he is really good at digging. Simon is befriended by a fellow villager, the reckless and courageous Kamina, who looks after him like a little brother. But people lived in constant fear because of the frequent earthquakes, and this is how Simon lost his parents in the past.

One day, a huge mecha suddenly comes crashing through the roof of their village, bringing along with it the sexy rifle-wielding beauty, Yoko, from the neighboring Littner village. Kamina and Simon ally with Yoko, and are able to defeat the enemy ganmen with a ganmen of their own that Simon found with his digging: Lagann.

Once they break through the surface, they realize their adventure has only just begun: there are enemy ganmen everywhere, who are out to wipe them out. As their journey continues, the enemies just keep getting stronger as the battles become even more epic. But at the same time, their tiny Team Dai Gurren has become bigger and bigger, as more people join the revolution and come up from underground. In time, Simon gains confidence and finally learns to believe in himself as he takes on the universe.