The Relationship

Yoko makes a memorable debut, swinging down from above and expertly aiming her rifle at the ganmen she chased into Jeeha, swiftly taking him down. Kamina and Simon happened to be right in the middle of the action, and needless to say, Kamina was impressed with what he saw in Yoko. He was completely fascinated with her and checking out her insanely nice body, commenting that surface beings were very different. However, when Kamina realized that she was actually from the neighboring Littner village and not a surface being, he had a sudden change in attitude and lost interest in her.

However, as they worked together to defeat the ganmen on the surface, she grew curious about Kamina and his big dreams. When Kamina and Simon depart from Littner to begin their journey, Yoko impulsively decides to join them too, becoming an official member of the new Team Gurren. Through their journey, they eventually learn to depend on the other, with Kamina taking care of the frontline and Yoko watching his back ♥